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    Update 6.0.1/2015 Painfully Slow


      I updated Lightroom earlier today with what I thought was 6.0.1. About shows 2015 Raw Version 9. Since the update it takes several minutes for images to appear in the Library or Develop modules. The grey outline of the images is there but not the images. Images appear after about 2 to 4 minutes. To get the exact version of Lightroom for this post I selected Lightroom - about. My computer has been clocking (spinning beach ball) for 8 minutes on the about screen. Everything was working perfectly well last night. As I just returned from a photo centered vacation I have been in Lightroom and Photoshop for several hours a day for the last 4 days. I have restarted the computer several times. The update did something. Any guesses?

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          Tanja2014 Level 2

          updated to 6.0.1 (win7 x64) ...  did not notice any speed issues.

          it is as slow/fast as before.

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            1mikegs Level 1

            A few more features of the update - I have lost all flags on flagged images and in one particular folder that had a dozen or so images in it there are only three images. Trying to Synchronize the folder shows 12 new images to import (that were there last night) but synchronizing pops up a dialogue stating no photos or videos were found to import. All of the images in the folder are showing in the Finder. Sigh...

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              Pete.Green Adobe Employee

              Which MacOS are you on Mike?

              Sorry for the trouble, I haven't noticed the slowdown on my system.


              What if you reset Lr's preferences? blogs.adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2013/06/lightroom-basic-troubleshooting-to-fix-most-issu es.html#Preferences


              Let us know how it goes.



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                1mikegs Level 1

                Thanks for the insight Pete. For reference I'm on 10.10.3.


                I tried one last step before resetting the preferences - I synchronized my entire library. Instead of only synching the "child" folder where the missing images should have been showing I synchronized my top most "patent" folder where all of my images are stored within. This brought back the missing images and LR is back to it's speedy self. I did lose the flags on the one directory but that is just 5 minutes of work. Thanks again for the resetting LR preferences idea. I'll keep that one.