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    Lightroom CC - Develop Module sync function will not work


      Recently upgraded from Lightroom 5.7 to CC - System: PC, Win 7 Pro, i7 Quadcore processor, 24GB ram, no shortage of drive space-   I immediately noticed a number of changes system changes impacting WIN folder functions and WIN indexing of all drives any time I access  "Computer" or any activity associated with any external drive. This issue still exists and I can not find any solution. Also, Lightroom CC did not accept my graphics board for OpenGL support: "Failed" - Using:  ATI Version AMD Radeon HD 5570 (tried updating drivers - no solution here)


      Then my biggest issue - everything in Lightroom CC seems to be working, except for the "sync" function in the develop module - clicking to sync develop settings between multiple files results in Lightroom CC just complete freezing up. Only solution here is to click the "ESC" button to revert back to a non sync status.


      This is extremely frustrating as I can find nothing anywhere to address this issue and working on a large project that needs the sync setting for my workflow.  Any and all suggestions are welcome.