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    How to get rid of Creative Cloud?

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      I purchased the standalone update to my standalone LR5. At least that is what the receipt says. However, I had to sign-in to CC to install the thing which was interesting since I did not have CC installed, and the lame installer could not figure that out. After I figured it out and got it installed, I found that I could not start up LR6 without being signed-in. If I sign-out and then then sign-in later and try to run LR6 I have to enter my LR6 Serial Number again every time.


      I don't want to have anything to do with the CC and I want to remove it from my system. Is there anyway to get my LR6 to run as a real standalone without the CC especially when I'm away from the internet which is not unusual?




      P.S. In updating for the standalone LR6, I followed