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    Unresolvec SWFLoader bug

      Hello All

      I have a problem with the swfLoader that bucket loads of other people have as well and have posted on forums all over the internet. Unfortunately, no solution has been found.

      Basically, if you load a flex 2 app in to a swfloader, then after interaction it loads another, then it has to load the original one again, nothing is shown apart from the broken app icon.

      For example:

      1. A button is clicked and the code swfloader.source='one.swf' is used.
      2. A second button is clicked and swfloader.source='two.swf' is used to load another flex 2 app.
      3. The first button is clicked again to perform line 1 above. This is where the error is. The flex 2 app is not re-loaded and just shows the broken app icon.

      This really does seem to be a very common problem. Does anyone know of a work around for this or even a solution or any information at all about it?? Adobe are quiet about it too.....