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    Rotobrushing technique question..

    shooternz Level 6

      Recently did a fairly standard requirement  using AEFX Rotobrush .  (see frame grabs below - before and after)


      It was reasonably time consuming ( but thank god for Rotobrush anyway) due to amount of movement by FG talent who was over all the areas I needed to "fix" with a degree of motion blur.


      After  completing it I wondered if I could have made it simpler ( and quicker) by making my layer much easier for Rotobrush to work with....?


      eg.  Could I have made a duplicate working  layer, ......Sharper, higher contrast, higher saturation, lower saturation, single channel...then copied the "effect" back to the original layer.


      I know that it works to copy the effect.


      Any thoughts from the experienced roto-ers?


      DUALGLAZE beforexsm.png


      DUALGLAZE aftersm.png