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    Export from Document with Alternate Layouts




      1. Create a document for a coupon design - Vertical orientation
        1. Headline
        2. Body copy
        3. product image
        4. coupon ID Number
      2. Create an alternate layout within this document - Horizontal orientation
      3. Create a csv data file with multiple data rows following this nomenclature:
        1. headline, bodycopy, path to product image, coupon ID number
      4. Use Data Merge to assign insert variable data and image into proper layout elements
      5. The <<coupon ID number>> is in a text frame which has a script Label "offerID"


      Now, I have written a script that goes through the document and exports a jpeg of every page, using the value of the "offerID" labled field as the file name (.jpg)


      This worked fine until I added the alternate layout to the mix. For a data set of 12 rows, I get 12 jpegs, but the first one is horizontal and the rest are vertical.


      There is something about the object model that I need to understand to repeat through this properly.