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    Lightroom CC burning through RAM and pushing up CPU usage above 400% (MacBook Pro Retina, 15", 16GB RAM, Top Spec)


      So as the new version of LR was released I've upgraded to CC. LR CC was running really slow compared to LR 5.6 so I disabled graphics acceleration as recommended by a few users here on the Adobe forums.


      Now I'm having a problem that whenever I start editing in the basic tab on the develop module, LR CC sucks all my RAM (all 16GB according to memory clean/activity monitor) and my CPU goes into overdrive (I clocked it over 400% on average using Activity monitor app). The fans start spinning up and the laptop starts heating up. As soon as I close the develop module it goes back to normal. I pretty much can't edit anything in LR at the moment. Photoshop CC in contrast runs like a rocket ship, with none of the issues described above.

      Anyone else experiencing this?


      I've had a look at limiting the RAM usage for Lightroom but there doesn't seem to be a menu option for it.