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    Flash Player doesn't work


      so, when i follow the instructions provided, i pull up this screen and in the "NOT AVAILABLE" section, i find the Shockwave Flash Object, which does not say a Publisher, only Not Available.  I've tried numerous times to uninstall and reinstall, but to no avail, this is still displayed and i can't get a new one to install.  it was working fine, and then belly-up?


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          piyush2508 Adobe Employee

          Hi patrickm17467092,


          Can you please answer the following questions:

          1. Which OS Version you are using?

          2. On which Browser you Want to run Flash Player?





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            patrickm17467092 Level 1

            i have windows 8 on a Toshiba laptop.

            i use Internet Explorer for my browser



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              piyush2508 Adobe Employee



              On Windows 8, Flash Player is updated by Microsoft through windows update. So kindly update your windows to get the Latest version of flash player for your IE browser.

              Flash Player Update can also be downloaded from Flash Player Issues | Windows 8 Page under 'Update Internet Explorer to get latest version of Flash Player' section.

              Hope this solves your problem. Kindly let us know if the Issue still persists.




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                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                In Internet Explorer on Windows 8 and higher, Flash Player is a built-in component of the browser.  There is no separate product to install or download.  It's just part of IE, and updates come through Windows Update.


                Here's my guess about what's going on. 


                Let me know if I'm missing something:

                You have a new Windows machine,  You're going to your favorite website, and it's telling you that Flash Player is not installed.


                If that's the case, the following should help:

                First, confirm that ActiveX Filtering is configured to allow Flash content:



                Internet Explorer 11 introduces a number of changes both to how the browser identifies itself to remote web servers, and to how it processes JavaScript intended to target behaviors specific to Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, this means that content on some sites will be broken until the content provider changes their site to conform to the new development approach required by modern versions of IE.


                You can try to work around these issues by using Compatibility View:



                If that is too inconvenient, using Google Chrome may be a preferable alternative.


                If you went further and followed the instructions about how to manually remove Flash Player from older windows systems to try and "fix" the website problem above, you've damaged your Internet Explorer installation.  The best way to get back to a good state is to remove the last Internet Explorer update from your machine, then re-apply it by running Windows Update again.  You should end back up with an in-tact IE and Flash installation. 


                Remove an update - Windows Help