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    5.7 download?


      Hi All, I was using Lr 4.4 then I bought an Olympus EM-10 which isn't supported. I knew that 6 was just around the corner, so I downloaded the trial of 5.7 which worked great. When 6 appeared earlier this week I downloaded a trial of that, but I couldn't get it to open no matter what fix I tried, so I uninstalled 5.7 thinking there may be a conflict. When the latest fix didn't work I just bought a CD version of 5 but, when I try and upgrade it to 5.7 i'm not given that option, and 5.0 doesn't support my Olympus. What can I do? Help please, I've just spent nearly £60 on an upgrade that doesn't work and I can't get the replacement product to work either. Is there anywhere that I can download 5.7 from?