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    Deduplication in backups and Lightroom Tiff edits

    smathia Level 2

      Oh wise ones…I come to you with this to see if you have any insight


      Have a lightroom client that is using backblaze as a secondary cloud backup for her lightroom files and images.


      Recedntly had a crash and they sent her her drive with all the images - YEA


      She has noticed that not ALL of the TIFF files are included



      I trouble shooted everything with her and there appears to be no reason why they were not backed up. She is using Lightroom and Photoshop. Raw files go to Photoshop come back as a Tiff so she has XXXX1.RAW and XXXX1.Tiff is she goes out to another program that files comes back as XXXX1-edit.tiff and or XXXX1-edit-edit.tiff.

      All saved in the same folder all the time

      I did find this on back blaze website:


      Our software contains a process called "deduplication" where files are digitally fingerprinted (checksummed) before they are sent to the server. When a file's fingerprint (SHA-1 checksum) matches an already backed up file, but it's renamed or moved (including drive to drive), it's simply updated at the servers, rather than re-transmitted.

      You may see these files queued for back up, but once any given file is at the front of the queue, it will be checksummed, compared against the existing backup, and "deduplicate" resulting in it being updated on the server rather than re-uploading


      Could this mean that double triple processed images from Lightroom are not getting saved.  This could be a HUGE issue