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    What's This? Help - popups.txt import

      Dear group,

      As described in an ealier post, I'm in the midst of trying to convert a large WinHelp project to HTMLHelp with the aid of RobHelp Office X5 which we have just purchased. This is preparation for the looming release of Vista.

      Late last year, we had already split the single RTF word document into "What's this?" help topics (control level context help) and normal topics (everything else, including dialog level context help). I've now managed to make a RoboHelp project with the normal topics. This split was done since it seemed clear that HTMLHelp (and RoboHelp) treats these two types of Help differently.

      Now that the main topics are imported into RoboHelp, and I now have an HTML help project. I simply(!?) need to add the "What's this?" help topics in the project too. These are now in a popups.txt file (as described by various MSDN articles).

      However, when I import the popups.txt file, I note that any topics with a newline in them are not imported correcly and newlines are removed from the topic. e.g.
      Click this radio button to display a Median price line on the main graph.

      The Median price is calculated by:
      Median price = (high + low)/2

      Is it not possible to have newlines in text only topics in RoboHelp? They are supported by the Microsoft Help compiler, and the additional scope for formatting is very useful.

      Any ideas or workarounds?