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    MISSING .indd file after Indesign crash


      Using Indesign CC and Yosemite 10.10.2

      I saved an .indd file to my hard drive successfully, tried to export as a PDF and it crashed.

      And took the .indd file with it. It's not corrupted, it's simply GONE. And the PDF is a whopping 0k.

      Indesign tried its best to recover after the crash, but needs the actual .indd file to do so, of course. First time Indesign CC crashed on me, actually.


      I spotlight-searched my HD, trash, servers, everywhere. It's completely gone. or renamed? or hidden? I turned on hidden files via Terminal, not there. Restarted too.


      Anybody had this happen?


      Nope, I didn't have it backed up. Murphy's Law, the one time you put off backing up....