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    intro video, what product?

    Geneva Falls

      I am creating a screencast with Captivate 8 for elearning.  I would like to create a cool introduction video for this screencast, approximately 5-10 minutes in length that is HTML5 compatible.  What Adobe product would be best for this?  I do not have any images or files to use, I will not be importing anything.  This introduction video will be from scratch.  I would like it to be modern, fresh, and flashy.  I am not a computer wiz and I don't know code.  I'm an online instructor just looking to try something new.


      I've looked at After Effects and it seems to be up my alley.  Any suggestions, recommendations, or ideas would be appreciated.  I need the intro video to attach seamlessly to the Captivate elearning I'm creating.


      Thank you.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are editing then you want to use an editing program like Premiere Pro. After Effects is for creating effects shots, composites, short sequences and motion graphics. It is totally unsuitable as an editing program. After Effects also has a steep learning curve. Expect to spend about 20 hours before you can do much more than follow along with tutorials.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The intro would be created with After Effects (or you could hire someone to make it for you).

            Then you would use Premiere Pro to plop the intro on the front, edit your screen capture, add in the voiceover/music, etc. and render out the deliverable.