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    Randomly deleted drawings from bucket fill?


      Hey guys, been using Flash recently and getting the hang of it now, however a recurring problem keeps happening - much of the drawings I'm doing are 'wet art', i.e. not symbols, as that makes it easier for what I'm doing. Anyway, using the bucket fill, on random occasions an outline or object will fill with colour when it wasn't supposed to, usually because of a gap in the linework. However the issue is that undoing the action does not restore my drawings - they remain completely deleted despite me only bucket filling and then undoing the action. Random objects around the paint will be deleted as well. Obviously, this is beyond frustrating as it completely halts progress when I need to redraw an entire background because the program seems to be messing up.


      There is no error message or anything of the sort - an object just fills up with the paint bucket, and undoing the fill deletes the entire object instead of undoing just the fill.


      Does anyone know a solution?


      Technical information:
      Flash CC, latest update.

      Windows 7, latest update.

      Intel i7-4790K \ ASUS R9-290X \ 16GB RAM \ 1x 500GB HDD \ 1x 2TB HDD