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    [Lr6: Bug Report] Cut & paste of dust correction parameters to other pictures gives bad results



      Before starting a picture shooting session i take a picture of the sky to locate&correct easily dust on the sensor on final picture then once done i cut&paste the dust correction to all pictures.



      When pasting dust correction parameters to others pictures it will gives expected result most of the time when correction points are located on the sky part of the destination picture, however all other points gives totally random and terrible results (e.g. part of mountain used to replace grass or part of sky). So that in the current state it is not possible to cut&paste dust correction parameters to others pictures, the result is just terrible. Please note that if i delete a terrible pasted dust correction point and add it again manually it will give a perfect result so it is just a cut&paste process issue.


      Please consider putting this issue on the top of your "to fix" list as it is a real pain having to do manually dust correction for each picture (huge waste of time).



      Lightroom 6 / windows 7 64bits


      Thanks for reading