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    edits missing in LR 6

    Nikonuser Level 1



      Just realised that all my edits which were in LR 5, are missing in LR 6. All the xmp files are in the folders with the photos. I have just loaded a back up catalog from before the update to to LR 6, but no edits present.


      any ideas?





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          dj_paige Level 9

          How did the edited photos that were in the LR 5 catalog make it into LR 6? What steps did you use? Please give us details.

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            Nikonuser Level 1

            After the upgrade (about a week ago) LR6  opened and upgraded the catalog. I loaded on photos from card and carried on as normal. Today I loaded on more photos, and while the previews were building checked on some older photos and immediately I could see no edits. Further checks revealed no edits at all from that past 18 months.


            I have just checked that catalog file and the back up done after the upgrade was about 1% of its LR5 size. I have just gone back to a LR5 backup and loaded it into LR6 and its upgraded it and all the edits are all there. Just imported the photos that were post LR6 upgrade and its now building previews etc..


            Good job I keep backups of the catalog. I think problem is solved as such.