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    Cant connect to the internet

      Hello, I have just installed contribute and although my internet connection is working fine, contribute cannot connect to the internet when using the connection wizard - browse to website homepage dialog. I receive the same browser error you would when trying to view a website with no internet connection - ie "Server not found"

      I have checked that IE is set to never dial a connection and tried making firefox my default browser in windows.

      Any Ideas?

      Many thanks

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          I am also having the same problem... I get a page cannot be found when I type the URL into the Connection Wizard > Website Home page > Browse. I can connect fine to the website through a regular browser.

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            m gupta
            Hi Zeeba,

            To reproduce the problem in our test machines and nail down the issue, can you please provide me the following information:
            • Contribute version
            • Your website URL
            • The type of webserver used (for example : Microsoft IIS Web Server, Apache Web Server etc)
            • The connection type used to connect to webserver (LAN/FTP/SFTP/WebDAV)
            • The user id and password used to connect to webserver.

            You can send me the details at mangupta@adobe.com

            Manoj Gupta