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    Lightroom 6 Develope Module will not load files, can't see photos.


      Lightroom Develop Module will not show files. I can see photos in library, film strip. I'm fully paid member of adobe cloud and registered. I've signed out and in again but this did not resolve the issue. The problem happened after moving from lightroom 5.7 to 6. All worked OK in 5.7, using canon 5D mark 2 CR2 files version 2.2. I have photoshop 2015 CC and when I go to camera raw ( version 9 ) The photos do not show here as well. Both are blue boxes with an X across the page just like in the Develop Module in Lightroom 6. Again files could be seen in ACR photoshop 2014. As am using the latest updates of lightroom and photoshop creative Cloud, not sure why I can't see files in the develop module in lightroom and in camera raw in photoshop ?


      By Michael.