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    Exporting photos from Lightroom that are good enough quality for a photography website.


      I am doing a website for a photographer client that need to showcase their images in a rotating gallery that will be about 1/2 the page so pretty big. She gave me all the photos in FULL size which meant that they were excellent quality and looked amazing on my computer at home as I have fast internet and they all loaded up in seconds. Only problem, when I tried it on a different internet source that wasn’t as speedy, they took so long to load that the next one would start, hence no images ever being visible. This is not good as not everyone will have as fast internet as me and it’s pointless if no one can see her work.

      She then exported them for web, using the normal settings that she usually would, leaving them around 200-600KB which loads up nice and quickly, but the quality just don’t do the photo’s justice AT ALL!


      I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions of the setting to use to export them from lightroom so that the quality is still next to perfect, but they are small enough so that they load up in a reasonable time on the web.

      Each photo displays for 5 full seconds before alternating.


      Thank you in advance and if you have any further suggestions, I would love to hear them.