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    Lightroom CC 2105 Catalogue Problems

    Nick Walker Level 1

      Yosemite V 10.10.3


      Lightroom CC 2015 has been functioning okay until today. When I first launched Lightroom it asked me to upgrade the V5 catalogue which I duly did.


      Yesterday I carried out normal deleting of redundant Lightroom backup folders, leaving the last three BU folders intact. At no time did I delete or meddle with any other Lightroom files of folders.


      This morning Lightroom presented a warning that it could not find catalogue, 2015-03-10 1216 - strangely a backup catalogue which was one of the oldest backups. With all previous versions of Lightroom (V1 - V5) this has never occurred before after deleting redundant back ups.


      When I checked the most recent back up folder (2015-04-26 1709) this catalogue was hidden in a zip file - something I never actioned and new to me.


      I have dragged all of the deleted back up folders from an external back up HD (as per attached screen grab) just in case it might rectify any issues - hasn’t worked.


      When I try to launch the latest back up (2015-04-26 1709) on my main computer, which was working fine under Lightroom CC 2015 (recent work present), Lightroom asks me to upgrade this catalogue resulting in lost image imports and develop adjustments - at a guess as if it were my last saved Lightroom V5 catalogue immediately before downloading and installing Lightroom CC 2015.


      Why would Lightroom create a Zip file of the most recent backup? I attach a screen grab - please note this morning I unzipped this catalogue - original only the ZIP file was present. Also the screen grab shows the older back ups (x10) which were originally deleted.


      I thought Lightroom automatically referenced the latest backup Catalogue?


      Any idea how I can get back to using my 2015-04-26 1709 catalogue without Lightroom causing any issues - lost recent work?







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          dj_paige Level 10

          I guess I don't understand the big picture. Are you trying to use your main (not backup) catalog? It sure doesn't sound like it. Why all this talk about opening a backup catalog?

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            Nick Walker Level 1

            Yes I have been trying to use my main catalogue, not the back ups - I thought the main catalogue was updated in synch with the latest back up - the reason you can fall back on a back up if all goes pear-shaped. .


            I have managed to resolve the issue as follows:


            I accessed a copy of main Lightroom catalogue from an external hard drive - upon launching Lightroom it gave me the option to use the last saved back up Catalogue and as the default one. This workaround didn't work from the main catalogue on my main computer - recent image imports and previous work completed were missing.

            I had to delete the main catalogue on my main computer and drag the copy one from the external back up HD to rectify the situation.


            I have no idea why this has occurred as all I did on my main computer was delete 10 redundant back up folders after which Lightroom failed to launch citing one of the oldest back ups as missing.


            I wonder why Lightroom saved the most recent back-up (upon closing Lightroom) in a Zip folder only? - not noticed this behaviour before.

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              ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

              The ZIPping of the backup catalog is new to LR6. Its purpose is to prevent people from directly using the backups. To correctly use a backup, it needs to be copied/unzipped (ie, restored) into the original directory where the main catalog was.