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    Crash after opening files - Then works fine.

    JWaguespack Level 1

      Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,


      I have InDesign (will refer to as ID) CC 2014.2. Its the x64 Build.  When I open any file (not just one specific one) my pages will show in the pages panel to my right however nothing shows in the display field (work area).  If I close ID it will freeze up and tell me ID is not responding so I'll force close it.  If I then try to open the same file again, everything works perfectly.  Its only ever the first time I open any file.  If I save and close ID then try to open the file again it will crash and then I force close and open again and its fine.


      Not that this has anything to do with it, but also every time I open ID my windows are all collapsed and I have to click to open them all back up 1 by 1 (wish there was a shortcut).


      Now ID has done this to me before and I was told to uninstall it, clean out all the files and then re-install.  This worked for about a month and now it's doing it again.