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    EPDF files failing to read on ADE reading software when they have Sidebar color graphics and text, how do we fix problem?


      We have 2 different InDesign files not reading properly in ADE reader. Both files have sidebar color graphics and text in them. The one original file's EPDF was showing blank pages for all the page with the sidebars in it when opened in ADE (they are DRM wrapped). Pages that did not have the sidebar showed up fine. Our ebook distributor is telling us that we have to rasterize the file. We are working in InDesign 6 with Adobe Acrobat X Pro. We made JPEGS of each page and reimported into an InDesign file and exported to PDF and our ADE reader then showed the sidebar pages. The file is pretty large though and I have a full length book that has the same problem. What is the problem with our sidebars and what are better solutions than JPEGS for each page? Thanks.