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    Is Face Recognition just a novelty/gimmick?

    KevetS Level 1

      I've been playing around with LR6 for a couple of days now and was initially excited that Face Recognition would speed things up work-flow wise.

      Yesterday, it dawned on me, far from speeding things up, it's actually slowing me down.

      Before FR, for example, I would select a bunch of 50 or more images that have the same person in them, and then with a couple of clicks that person's name would be tagged to all 50 photos.

      Now, using FR, for every image I have to confirm that each person's name is correct - many times it isn't, adding even more clicks to the workflow.

      Even when FR stacks a bunch of images with a name suggestion it will sometimes add images that have different name suggestions (this may well be a bug), meaning that I have to unstack all stacks to check all images are correctly named.


      It's quite likely that I'm missing something here, so would be interested to hear from those that find that FR actually works for them, and how they use it.