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    Many problems with Adobe DC UI, plus, DC keeps losing my place and sending me back to the beginning of the pdf [Android]


      Is it possible to downgrade to older version of Adobe Reader for Android?

      I sort of doubt it, but if it's at all possible without having to go find root files or whatever, I'd like that.


      The new version is just so incredibly inconvenient for me. I used to use Adobe Reader primarily as an pdf ebook reader, so I'd scroll quite a lot. The always-there page numbers is very annoying, especially since I use night mode and it's just a box of brightness that's in the way and distracting. In addition, the left side menu is completely useless to me, and for me, it's annoying that swiping left brings it up. I keep accidentally pulling it up if I'm trying to scroll down with my left hand and swipe the wrong way. I understand why Adobe would put it in, but since I never used any of the comment/annotate/whatever functions, I liked how out-of-the-way the functions were before.


      On top of all the UI issues I have, for some reason, DC isn't as good about keeping my spot in my documents as the older version. I'll press the home button to go use some other app, and sometimes it'll keep my place, but it seems like more often then not, when I try to go back to Adobe, it sends me back to the beginning of the document.


      I still use Adobe because I haven't found an alternative that I like yet, but it's getting to the point where the UI issues I have with it are getting increasingly more annoying, especially compounded with the app constantly losing my place in the pdfs I'm trying to read.