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    Really aggressive marketing campaign for creative cloud

    fubalumateli Level 1

      today my Lightroom informed me that there is an update, and asked me if I would like to download the update. I answered "yes" and was taken to the Adobe website. But, instead of being taken to the Adobe Lightroom download page as has happened with all of the previous updates, this time I was taken to a page about creative cloud. I don't want creative cloud. I only want to update my desktop version. So I tried clicking on the way for the desktop version, which is hidden away down in the bottom right corner of the screen. And that takes me to create a cloud. So I tried going to downloads for Lightroom. And I get taken to creative cloud.


      I eventually had to call up Adobe on the phone in order to be able to update my desktop version of Lightroom. I let the agent I spoke with know it was very annoying to be subject to this obviously aggressive marketing campaign for creative cloud. When we were done with the call I thanked him for helping me do on the phone what I couldn't do on the website.  I also let him know that  it seems like Adobe is trying very hard to steer people to be creative cloud option and away from the desktop option.  I also let him know that if Adobe ever does away with the desktop version and the creative cloud version is the only alternative I am gone as a customer. I will use Apple photos or some other product. I will not be forced into a subscription-based service against my will.