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    Adobe Premiere Elements 4 unlock Key


      I have the site license for Adobe Premiere Elements 4.  Just this year the school upgraded the computers in my room and up until that time I could use Elements 4 to burn the students DVD projects.  I now need to use the Elements 4 for this year's projects and cannot get the unlock key for each of the computers I will be using. (Which already had an unlock key number set up)  I purchased 1 Adobe Premiere Elements 13 but can only use it on 1 computer.  I don't have the finances to purchase for all 12 computers.  I would like to be able to get an unlock key number so that we can continue using Elements 4.  The Elements 4 worked well for me. The students are familiar with the program because we have used it in the past.  I used it in my 3rd, 4th and 5th grade GATE classes to burn their projects.

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          This is not Adobe. Rather user to user.


          If you have not already, I would suggest that you consult with the school personnel who upgraded the computers about this matter or contact Adobe.

          You can try the following link for Adobe Chat Activation who might help you or point you to a Volume Licensing Chat Group. Please try the following link....

          Contact Customer Care

          Premiere Elements

          Adobe ID, Signing In

          Adobe ID, Sign In Account Help

          Chat Panel


          Adobe support is typically for the latest version (which is 13). And, even that is limited to activation matters and orders.


          Thank you.