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    Embed youtube video does not work in edge animate cc 14, relatively new user


      Hello all, so I'm relatively new at edge animate, I've built some very basic websites in the past (nothing wild, basic coding). I am having trouble embeding a youtube video in edge animate cc 14. I've followed as many tutorials online as I can find and my basic workflow is as follows:


      Create new project

      Make stage larger than embeded video will be

      Create square (in this specific case 500 x 300)

      Right click square, convert to symbol, name it "video"

      Click open action on stage, choose compositionReady

      Type the following code:

      var youtube = $ ("<iframe/>");

      sym.$ ("video").append(youtube);








      According to everything I've seen or read that should work, but when I test the site in Chrome it doesn't do anything, simply a grey square box appears. Please help me as I'm about to pull my hair out.