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    issue with face recognition and face region metadata in EXIF MWG metadata


      Hi everyone,


      when i import pictures that have been taken with a mobile phone (Apple, but it doesnt matter),  i want to do the face recognition in lightroom to tag my friends.

      the problem, it automatically takes the face region that have been saved in the metadata of the picture (MWG metadata) by the phone, which is often far from being centered on the face and thus makes the face recognition impossible.


      if you have a way to remove / ignoge this "face region" from the file before import or a way to tell lightroom to ignore it and scan the picture by itself that would be great.



      additional info

      -(this metadata field MWG is not displayable in lightroom but you sometime see it in Bridge (under advanced)... but not editable there

      -i have looked into tools that can either remove ALL metadata which is not what i want, and one named EXIFtools which would work but it's a paying software...