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    Windows 8.1 user with multiple external drives. Lightroom CC 2015 freezes on import. Need to have Lightroom recognize only a single drive.


      I see that Adobe still hasn't fixed this issue where Lightroom freezes up during import when a system has multiple external drives attached. Disappointing.


      A friend suggested that I configure Lightroom to only recognize the single external drive where I save my RAW files. I haven't been able to find out where in Lightroom's settings to do this.


      Currently the only folders I have in Lightroom are my local C disk and my external drive with the RAW files, (K), where I do all my editing.




      Can anyone offer advice on how I can either do what my friend suggested or find another way of dealing with/solving this issue? Currently Lightroom is almost unusable for me since I cannot add new files on my K drive to develop.