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    Reading Barcode From Faxed Document

      I'm in some new waters dealing with barcodes and faxes and any insight, suggestions and/or recommendations would be greatfully appreciated. My situation is this:

      The customer will be generating a document with a Code 39 barcode - at this point my understanding is, embedding it within a 'Word' document with the Code 39 font. This in turn will be converted into a PDF and sent to their end user to be completed. The completed document will be faxed back to the customer and either kept in a TIF or converted into a PDF format.

      What they are asking for is to be able to read the barcode on the returned faxed document so that they can manage (move) the document to the proper location as well as do a database entry that the document was received back (via the barcode).

      This is where I'm a bit lost on finding a way to read the barcode off the faxed document as it's not the original format in which is was produced.