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    Synronize Folder - Kicks Out of Selected Folder


      Hello LR5 Users!


      When I try to Synronize a photo sub-folder in my Catalogue , the system starts Adding JPGs from my desktop and system?  Like it gets overwhelmed or something and the Sync Function just starts looking at Desktop and System images in addition to my selected original Sub-Folder that I wanted to Sync.  It doesn't always happen.   Why is this?


      Too many images in my catalogue?  I have 420,000 images in my Locations Catalogue, really don't want to divide it down.   Could commas or illegal characters in Folder names cause this?


      I have Optimized thecatalogue, increased cache, removed commas in folder names and even gotten a new computer, latest greatest, plenty of ram.   My images are all jpgs, no Raw.


      What is the maximum Catalogue image count?  I know that trying to sync a folder with over like 15-20,000 images is too much but in this case I am only trying to sync like 1800 images.


      Am I explaining the problem in a way that anyone understands?   Any ideas?  Ever had this problem?



      Los Angeles, CA


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          Hazardtown Level 1

          I solved this problem;  strangely, I found an old ALIAS of an old Hard Drive buried deep in my JPG folders.  It had been there for over a year.  So, even though the Hard Drive that the Alias pointed to was 2 computers ago... Everytime I Synced a folder Light Room looked for that hold hard drive, decided to use my current Macintosh HD and started importing all the Images in the current system and on my current desktop.  Thank god that problem is over!  I just had to delete the bogus Alias from my Photos folder and problem solved.