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    Lightroom CC upgrade to 6 causes CreativeCloudURIHandler to go into an infinite loop


      (my apologies if this has been addressed already; I did search the fourms and googled the question as well)


      I upgraded Lightroom CC on my desktop and the process, though convoluted, did eventually work.


      However, on my laptop, I reach the point where the creative desktop launches and says I need to update CC.  I click on update and the CC desktop disappears.  Using task manager, one can see that there are two CC installer tasks running, but idle, and CreativeCloudURIHandler running and consuming all the CPU for one core.  I left it for the better part of an hour and this status did not change.  So I restarted the machine and tried updating the desktop again.  Same result.


      Why can't we simply download (using regular browser download) an installer and run it?  It would be much simpler.


      Both machines are reasonably high-end, running Win8.1 pro.


      Thanks for any suggestions.