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    URGENT - Robohelp Decompile with KeyTools Issue


      I have a publication done in Help & Manual (mh3) comprising parent and child projects. My goal is to convert the publication to Robohelp 11. I exported the master file of this publication to HTML Help, the result being a chm file. When decompiled this chm file with Key Tools, I got a multitude of folders. One of the folders contains a master hhp file, which I opened in Robohelp 11, thus creating an xpj file. (This xpj file generates Responsive output with all the cross-links intact (as per the original Help & Manual master file)). My challenge is that the xpj file is reliant upon all of the folders that were created as a result of the de-compilation process via Key Tools. Deleting any of these folders results in content being removed from the publication. I need to prune out the unnecessary folders, as - from a practical standpoint - it is impossible to work with so many folders. How can I reduce this folder structure to just one self-contained folder?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


      Here is the folder structure: