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    Lightroom 6: GPU works too slowly --> Tips to improve it

    Alain Capéran Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I experience like a lot of you a GPU (AMD 6440) working despite I need to use an old AMD drivers (on Windows 7 system), but the result is obviously without any benefit!


      Example, for a zoom it can add 2-3s with GPU acceleration ON!


      And this night, I have got an idea... and I tried it this morning: Disable the anti-virus.


      And it's working in my case. Now with GPU acceleration "ON" I obtain a speed a little bit faster on zoom, but not really with brushes (not a big difference especially if your are going slowly).


      My anti-virus is Kaspersky 2015.


      Now I have reactivated it but add "Lightroom.exe" in the "Trusted Application List" (not sure of the English translation).


      If you have others tips...