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    Need for assisting on Flash Actionscript behavior

      My problem is i no little about actionscript and i use "behavior" to control some of the interactive events. when i after do all process about using "sound behavior" to work with my music -- using "load sounds from library" method, it seems there are no problem to load the sound from library. but the "real problem" is there are total "THREE" sounds that need to be load and when i click the second button for the second sound, the first sound is keep playing and can't stop to play to turn the sound on second. Any one can help me slove this problem? thank you for the kindly suggestion.
        • 1. Need for assisting on Flash Actionscript behavior
          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          Depending on other factors that you may have but not mentioned, you can place a stopAllSounds() as one of the first codes to execute when you are creating a new Sound() object.

          function someName() {
          sound1= new Sound ();
          sound1.attachSound("whatever linkage");

          then on some button click call that function

          button.onPress = function () {
          someName(); \\ which calls that function