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    TileList data load issue

      I am having an issue where the data that drives a tilelist works correctly when the tile list is not loaded on the first page of the application. When it is put on a second page in a viewstack then the tilelist displays correctly when you navigate to it. When the tilelist is placed in the first page of the application I get the correct number of items to display in the tilelist but the information the item renderer is supposed to display, ie a picture, caption and title, does not. The strange thing is that a Tree populates correctly given the same situation. Here is the sequence of events:

      // get tree is that data for the tree and get groups is the data for the tilelist

      <mx:HTTPService showBusyCursor="true" id="get_groups" url="[some xml doc]" resultFormat="e4x"/>
      <mx:XMLListCollection id="myXMlist" source="{get_groups.lastResult.groups}"/>
      <mx:HTTPService showBusyCursor="true" id="get_tree" url="[some xml doc]" resultFormat="e4x" />
      <mx:XMLListCollection id="myTreeXMlist" source="{get_tree.lastResult.groups}"/>

      And then the data provider of the tilelist and tree are set accordingly. I tried putting moving the data calls from the creation complete to the initialize event thinking that it would hit earlier in the process and be done by the time the final completion came about but that didn't help either. I guess I'm just at a loss as to why the tree works fine no matter where I put it but the TileList does not. It's almost like the tree and the tilelist will sit and wait for the data but the item renderer in the tilelist will not wait. Which would explain why clicking on the tile list still produces the correct sequence of events but the visual component of the tilelist is just not working right. Anyone have any ideas?