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    Smallest Video Size Possible in Adobe Media Encoder

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      I have a lot of realmedia audio files that I need to convert to mp4 so that I can put them into InDesign. The reason I want them as mp4 and not mp3 is because I need the seek controls along with the normal play, stop, etc, I need to be able to move forward and backward through the audio as I like, using the seek function is a big deal in this project, and I don't think that is possible if I just place an audio mp3 file into InDesign? If it is, that would be ideal, so please let me know.


      Anyway, assuming that it isn't, I'm able to convert the rm files to mp4 ok, but they don't work in InDesign until I run them through Adobe Media Encoder, my question is: there are no video scenes to this 'video' it's just a black screen with the audio playing, what settings do I choose in Adobe Media Encoder to make the video file size as small as humanly possible since all I need is the audio in that video format? I don't know the first thing about AME so would be grateful for your input as to which exact settings I need to change.