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    Slow extra steps in "Convert to DNG"?

    Kenny Gray

      I have seen several similar questions with no answers:

      It appears that in the new LR6/CC, when I "convert to DNG and Import", LR CC first imports all of the CR2 files to the destination folder, THEN converts the RAW files to DNG while simultaneously trying to process the Preview images. This is a departure from previous versions and seems to drastically slow down the import/convert process. It took nearly 2 hours to import 700 20MB CR2 and convert them to DNG. I am running OS X 10.10.3 on a late 2013 27-inch iMac with 16 GB RAM. Is this a bug, or is this what Microsoft would call a "feature"?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I believe I watched a tutorial that indicated that Lightroom now downloads the raw files first and then does the conversion. This speeds up the download process and enables you to go back to Lightroom to do other work more quickly. I cannot comment on the speed of the conversion because I don't convert to DNG. But my thoughts are that 700 raw files will take some time to convert.

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            Wolf Eilers Level 4

            You should be measuring only how long the process takes to copy all the images from a memory card to disk. It's irrelevant on how long it takes to do the conversion to DNG since it's done in the background and should not impact other work, including processing the images in Lightroom.

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              Truly frustrating.

              I have thousands of photos every week and I have to watch all the NEF files transform into DNG while LR tries to show me a preview but if I can't touch the photo or the transform will crash or show an exclamation mark afterwards.

              It's a new nightmare added to my workflow.


              If I needed a two-step import I could always import as NEF and then Convert those Photos in DNG.

              Now I am FORCED to do it in two-steps.

              Why why why


              Export jobs could be in a queue manner though and not simultaneously aarrggghhhh...

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                Wolf Eilers Level 4

                orfeas76 wrote:

                Now I am FORCED to do it in two-steps.


                The convert to DNG is a background process that should not interfere in processing the image in either the Library or Develop modules. You don't have to "watch" the NEF files being converted to DNG. When you say the "transform will crash" what exactly are you doing?

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                  Kenny Gray Level 1

                  I do not understand your answer.
                  Previous versions converted the RAW files to DNG on the fly as they were imported (and did not actually import the RAWs). The latest "upgrade" imports the RAW files and simultaneously converts to DNG (2 separate process streams) and THEN processes previews. While it is true that you can go to lunch and do not need to watch the import, it is equally true that this is 3 separate steps that formerly were completed more quickly in only 2 steps.
                  Also (and this may be some quirk with my Mac), although I keep the "Eject after Import" button checked, the memory card is NOT ejected even though the little popup window indicates that it has been ejected.

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                    bullmoon137 Level 1

                    I find the same issues and while I used to do other work in LR5 while importing my raw files, in 6 it is so consumed with itself that I can't really do any work - it's a pain.  That and I also notice that there are usually 5 to 10 CR2 files left in the folder that didn't get deleted after the conversions process.  So it's really a 4 step process; the 3 that LR6 goes through and then (4) I have to go clean up the folder.    This version is so buggy and slow I am having to change my workflow entirely to accommodate it.

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                      jamesdeanreeves Level 1

                      Ya, this is my biggest gripe about LR6: when you tell LR to Import, convert it to DNG, and build the Smart Preview and the Standard or 1:1 preview:

                           1) It imports the camera-native raw file (i.e. NEF)

                           2) It builds the previews you selected based on the imported raw file format (NEF)

                           3) THEN converts to DNG


                      Which means the previews it built based on the NEF file are totally useless, and you have to go back and rebuild the previews again.  It totally wastes CPU power and time doing this and requires an extra step on your part.


                      So with that said, importing into LR6 is now a 2 step process:

                      Step 1

                           1) import the camera-native raw file

                           2) it builds the "Minimal" preview which will be lost during the next step (you can't select "no preview")

                           3) It converts the file to DNG

                      Step 2

                           1) select all photos

                           2) tell LR to build the previews


                      It's been over a year since LR6 came out, and I would have thought that the Adobe Engineers would have corrected this by now, but clearly none of them actually use LR6.

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