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    Import in LR6 take appr. 70% longer thain LR 5.71


      Hi all


      the first time I imported i big pile of photos in LR6 , i felt that it did

      take a lot longer to import than in LR 5.71, so I set up a small test case:


      50 RAW images from Canon 5d2 and 5d3, Preferences and Catalog settings are the

      same for LR5 and LR6. The new values in LR6 are set up to match the ones in LR5

      (ex. Priview size changed from Auto 1920 to 2048 )

      No address lookup , no face detection , nothing selected in File Handling nor

      'Apply during Import'


      The results are:

      Import Standard Previews:   LR5 0m 35s   -  LR6 1m 00s  

      Import 1:1  Previews:   LR5 1m 50s   -  LR6 3m 24s


      LR 5.71 and 6 are installed on the same machine:

        i7-4790K , 16GB RAM

      LR 5 and 6 are installed on SSDs , so are catalog/cache/temp files 

      Windows 7 , no crapware running in the background, machine pretty clean

      used primarily for photo and video editing

      Windows and GPU card at higest level

      Plenty of free RAM according to Resource Monitor


      GPU , supported in LR6 , nothing to brag about , but should not be an issue since

      Import does not use GPU (according to Adobe)



      I have tried the following :


      Disabled GPU

      Stopped antivirus and firewall

      The catalog wad deleted /recreated after each test, cache purged.

      Even rebooted from time to time.


      Suggestions are wellcome