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    Metadata being stripped during Lightroom 5 CC import


      A colleague is using Lightroom 5 CC with Camera Bits' Photo Mechanic. Our work flow is to ingest or import images trough PM in to a selected folder adding our IPTC metadata, we would then select, rate and title images. Once all that is done we import all images in to Lightroom 5 CC, filter the images using the star rating, edit and use our export pre-sets to our clients website and our own website where the metadata would have the a description and a title.


      We noticed that the images which were being uploaded had not title or description. We checked the metadata in Lightroom and the fields were empty but were there in Photo Mechanic. We have checked all the settings against my settings where I use the same work flow and we cannot see any reason why this is happening.


      Any ideas?