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    Adjustment Brush does not work in LR5

    SVIS Imaging

      I have the issue that my adjustment does not function anymore.


      I have used it in the past.

      I starting getting the issue that regurarly my adjustments where not passing through / visible.

      After a restart of lightroom, it worked again.

      Afterwards a restart of the computer was needed from time to time to solve the issue.

      Now, the adjustment brush does not work / respond at all anymore when I want to create new ones on pictures.

      Adjusting the ones that are already made in the past does work.


      Does anyone has an idea for a solution?


      I'm using a Intel I5-2400 3.1 ghz with 10 gig of ram, windows 7 x64, lightroom 5.7 where my OS / apps are installed on a SSD-drive, the LR-catalog is stored on another SSD-drive and the images stored on a SATA-drive