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    Are you having trouble upgrading like I am??


      Adobe seems to be run by idiots.  They have no interest in maintaining current customers.  I've been trying to understand how to upgrade to a plan with premier pro via their website.  Fat chance.  Might just be easier and in the long run cheaper (due to lost time trying to navigate their totally screwed up system) to buy a Mac and Final Cut.  Idiots.  I've been a customer for over 15 years and they are about to loose me. Google will probably kick their *** in the next few years... their business model is much more solid.. I give you my information for access to useful products. You sell my information or offer me additional products.  OK, good deal.. I understand how it works and can make a decision.   Adobe??? I give you my information for hassle, nothing more. 


      Anyone else having similar problems???  Surprising if not. 

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What are you trying to upgrade from?


          There are basically two plans that could involve getting Premiere, the Single App plan and the Complete plan.  I don't believe there is any upgrade provision for the Single App plan, and the current first year discount for the Complete plan for CS owners is soon to end (May 29).


          Creative Cloud Plans


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            swing42 Level 1

            Hi Ned,


            I "own" CS and subscribe to CC photography bundle on acrobat pro.  The problem is that the website puts me into an infinite loop with no hope of getting the "deal" for CS "owners ".


            Btw, this new subscription model is great for Adobe, but probably not so much for the largest part of their demographic which I suspect is individual people. Corporations of course buy things, pay premium prices and that revenue may be greater than individual sales. However, the popular adaptation of a product (by people like me) can greatly influence what happens at corporations.


            FYI, I'm in charge of marketing a specific product line  for a very high tech multinational, have seen this movie and the ending isn't pretty. Interesting, but not pretty.


            Than you.