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    Can I move photo layer on the top?

    katrinahi Level 1

      I want to move Photo Layer above Draw Layers, however, it just couldn't move.

      Is Photo Layer can only be put in the bottom?

      Or it can only be change in the desk?


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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          In Adobe Draw, the photo is locked to the bottom - I treat it like a drawing guide or reference layer.

          If you want to create additional collage pieces, you might want to think about using Draw & Sketch together.


          Here's a workflow:


          1. In Draw, upload your image to your CreativeCloud library (or sync to CC);
          2. Launch Adobe Photoshop Sketch, create a new project and ADD the image;
          3. (you can go back and forth, adding layers of illustrations)
          4. Finish in Photoshop for more finesse


          Once your piece is finished in Photoshop Sketch, you can send it directly to Photoshop CC.  Although Sketch doesn't give you an indication of the layers, it preserves the layers that you've added as separate elements.  Photoshop remembers the discreet layers and allows you to continue working on them.


          Hidden feature? Maybe.  But definitely worth investigating.  Plus: Transfer Modes (my favorite)