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    LRCC & PSCC "Edit Original" loses ALL LR adjustments.


      I have a .dng. Edit in PSCC with some layers, quit PS and save back to LR. Everything fine.

      I add some radial filters in LR, a new crop, and a post crop vignette (for example).

      Then I want to edit the original in PS again, so I choose edit original. In PS all layers are present and correct etc. Make some changes. Quit and save back to LR.

      In LR this .tiff is now without ANY of the previous LR changes.


      Now. If I do the same but create a virtual copy of the .tif before going back into LR - the virtual copy behaves exactly as I expect it would. i.e. You edit the tif in PS and when it comes back in to LR the LR changes are applied "over the top" again.


      This is a change on my system since installing lightroom CC and I dislike it.  I now have to create a virtual copy, edit the original tiff, then copy paste the LR settings (or sync) from the virtual copy back to the original!  Clunky!


      Can anyone help out? Is this a bug or a "feature"?

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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          From a quick bit of testing, I see the same thing. I doubt very much that it's a "feature", much more likely to be a bug.


          I don't recall seeing a report on this, so suggest you post the same message to the official Adobe feedback site: Photoshop Family Customer Community

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            richardplondon Level 4

            I see what you mean. I am getting the same thing (Win 8.1, haven't yet installed the first LR CC fix version).


            Your adjustments made in LR over the initial edited TIFF, are in fact still there in the image's History.


            LR just appears to have loaded the earlier image state, from where the first external edit happened. And it has not added any new History step recording the later edit.


            You can recall this work by clicking on the topmost History state that is showing - best to do this before doing any other work on the image. This new work would add new History steps at the top, but these would include the wrong image-state content.


            Of course you shouldn't have to re-select the latest History step; this is definitely a glitch, not a feature IMO. But it is still maybe simpler than making a Virtual Copy - pending a proper fix.