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    Lightroom 6 Catalog


      I have bought the update stand alone version of lightroom from version 5.7 to 6.0:

      Now I have a few questions and need some help:

      1. The old version was 5.7 and I was able to install it on my iMac and Macbook. Since I have to computers this was ok according to the licensing. Can I do that also with the version 6.0 and were do I find the download. Everything on the website is only about Lightroom 6.0 CC.

      2. I was looking for the lightroom catalog. Where is that one stored and can I delete the old catalog from Lightroom 5?

      3. How do I remove the old version of Lightroom best? I recognised that the old version still is on the computer stored.

      4. I have no workflow for Apples new Photo program. Any idea since I want to move the photos to apple TV and iPad?


      Appreciate any help on these issues.