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    authorization does'nt work

    Jolli007 Level 1

      Yesterday I downloaded some ebooks and got some ACSM-files. The old Version of Digital Editions 2.0 could'nt open them, so I downloaded the new version 4.0. But then I got the message "Error! Check activation". I deletet the authorization, but when I've start again I could'nt complete the authorization. I get a connection error. It says that there is no connection to the activation-server and that I have to check my internet connection. But there is nothing wrong.

      I have already tried to disable the firewall or add the programm to the firewall programm. I checked my Adobe ID and password and I've run the programm as administrator. I have also uninstalled the programm and tried the old version 2.0 again. Nothing is working. PLEAS HELP!!!