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    URGENT! - Browser scrollbar problem

    Philip C
      Hi every one!

      I have a flash site that is 660px wide but the height changes and can be to about 1800px.
      I want the browsers scrollbar to change depending on how much content is showing.
      I found this one http://hossgifford.com/downloads.htm, which seems to be very popular
      But I have problems with it. When I change the size it seems to reposition the whole
      SWFs Y coordinate. sometimes its so high up its outside the screen, and sometimes its
      100 or 200 pixels further down. I want it to snap to the top of the page. There is no documentation
      so Im not sure what Im doing wrong. Please give me a clue/ I will buy you a beer next time you are in
      London. I got to solve it (among other things) before the night is over.