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    The adjustment brush suddenly stopped working in Lr CC (among other things)

    Kenneth Back

      1. All of a sudden the adjustment brush stopped working in my Lr CC. The little buttons that you can click on to activate your adjustments are gone and when I open files where I have done adjustments they are still there but no "buttons" to click and consequently I can not make any changes or new adjustments. For example; in the image I have inserted I have made adjustments with a) Sharpness, b) Skin Softening and c) Iris Enhance and the adjustments are still there but no "buttons" any more and therefore I can´t change anything. I edited this image April 29 and 30 when Lr still worked fine. Today (and yesterday) things has really start spooking around with Lr.

      2. After having saved an image in Ps CC as a psd-file going back to Lr CC for cropping Lr continuously reloads and resets all edits that I have done or are trying to do.


      Everything has been working earlier but the past two days things like the above has stopped working.Adjustment brush.jpg