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    Stand-alone Lightroom 6 Won't Start?


      My copy of stand-alone L6 upgrade appeared to work properly on its initial boot.Now when I try to start L6  even after a cold computer start with no other programs running, L6 hangs at the splash screen. Sometimes I get this error notice:

      Error Message.JPG

      Selecting [Switch To] only initiates the Windows 7 Start menu, with no indication what the busy "other program" is. Selecting [Retry] ultimately leads to shutting L6 down.


      I'm guessing that the L6 catalog is corrupted, because when I reinstalled L6, it initially booted OK, but subsequent attempts to use it produced the same results detailed above. I am not very confident in my diagnosis and am not familiar enough with the Lightroom catalog structure to test my theory.


      Any suggestions? Thanks..




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          I've had the same problem which seems to have followed a recent BSOD.


          I deleted the catalogue lock file (Located where the catologue is stored) and that appears to have fixed it.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Yes, look for a file in the same folder as your catalog. It will have the same name as your catalog but will have the lock extension. If you find such a file you need to delete it, and then Lightroom should start normally.

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              john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This "server busy" message is not catalogue corruption, and is not locking (Jim).


              There is some problem with Lr on Windows which appears to relate to the licensing mechanism - see this thread and this. I have also suffered from it, at its worst a few times a day, but the message didn't happen every time I started Lr. Generally I just had to wait a few seconds and press Switch again, sometimes a couple of times, but it is annoying and worrying.


              So my guess is that clearing the lock file wasn't relevant and in your case Lr simply started without triggering the error. Adobe have been working on the problem (I have been dealing directly with them) and since installing 6.1 /  CC20015.1 I have only had the error message once.