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    "echo" to decrease in size over time?


      Hello everyone.

      I'm currently working on a short 2D animation film, an important element in this film are these magical bubbles that are formed from instruments, that sort of have a trail like an eyedrop as they float up in the sky, like in the picture shown here.






      I thought I could achieve this effect rather easily by just making a sphere shaped layer, make it follow a path and give it a trail. But the only solution i could find that gives off a trail and still follows the curve was the effect Echo. However it doesn't have any options to decrease the size over time.



      Does anyone know any way to achieve this effect? Your help would be HUGELY appriciated as we only have 2 weeks left of production, and our only other alternative is to animate it frame by frame in TVpaint, which is very time consuming.



      Any help would be appriciated. Thanks a lot